HTSOYF - Lickety -Split Sunglasses
Happy To Sit On Your Face

HTSOYF - Lickety -Split Sunglasses

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Lick, sip, suck and lickety-split, a tongue twister for sure, or is tongue in cheek often licked but never beaten. I don't know, put on these glasses and have an ice cream, we may have to vamoose,.quick smart. We may be in a hair’s breath of getting tangled up in this knotty mess and need to sneak through the back door. Slip on these lickety splits for a quick get away with no walk of shame.

Frame suitable for an optical prescription.

Emerald acetate frame/100% UVA & UVB gradient grey lens. Case included.

Translucent Lilac acetate frame with a 100% UVA & UVB protected gradient grey lens. Case included.

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