"Rock The Boat" by Annah Stretton
Annah Stretton

"Rock The Boat" by Annah Stretton

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When Annah Stretton recently opened New Zealand’s highest selling newspaper to see a larger-than-life photo of herself teamed with an article that exposed her every political ideal, she had to make a decision… to sink or to swim. 

“I felt physically sick. There’s not much that rocks my boat and I didn’t know whether to throw up, laugh or cry and I could not bring myself to read what had been written until several hours later.” - Annah Stretton

After 21 years of successes and failures she chose to swim… and hasn’t looked back.

Rock the Boat is a must read manual for all employers of women and for all women that drive daily for that elusive business and life success. From her tips on succeeding in life to hard-hitting opinions on New Zealand’s social policy, Rock the Boat brings together Stretton’s hard won experiences in life and leadership.

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