Stoked NZ - Fish Towelie
Stoked NZ - Fish Towelie

Stoked NZ - Fish Towelie

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 It makes sense - you can dry your hands etc after baiting a hook and washing your hands.They’re lightweight and keep the sun off without getting too hot. Genius!

I love how many people tend to hold a fish when they catch one. Up in front of them to show how big it is.

And I thought, how blimmin cool would it be, to have a ruler down the front, so you can measure if your snapper is legal or not?

The wording on the front says: Chuck it Back - Looks like a keeper -Get A Photo - Got To Be a 20 Pounder!   This towelie is covered in fish the average kiwi would catch out on their boat.
Gurnard, Trevally, Snapper with some fishing lines etc

Adult S - A good option for our 5ft friends, or someone who doesn't want to change inside of it.

Adult M - Our OSFM and best selling size. Loved by size 12 -22.

Adult L - Ideal for our 6ft + mates. It's the same width as the M, but some extra length so a good option if you want more coverage.



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