Happy To Sit On Your Face


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Oh these are the stuff of legends, mythology, odes and art work throughout the ages.
The allure, suspiciously promiscuous, mysterious, mischievous, the hint of something devious.
You can catch a glimpse, through the Nymphs.
Yes, heaven kissed the fog and missed, with fancy eyes to tantalise, these nymphs weave mystique, into any woodland dell.
Through the thicket and the bramble on a warm and gentle breeze, float upon the misty pond and sing within the trees.
If irresistibly charming is the enchantment that you seek, without a care, slip on a pair, I dare you, take a little peek.

Caramel tortoiseshell acetate frame - protected with 100% UVA & UVB polarised lens.

Suitable for an optical prescription.

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