The RAW Truth - Book
Annah Stretton

The RAW Truth - Book

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The RAW Truth is the story of two sisters – Annah Stretton and Rebecca Skilton – who chose to immerse themselves in the lives of a group of women who came from a very different world to their own; a world filled with hardship, abuse, crime, under-education and unemployment. They dared to believe that a life of crime could become a life of promise with right amount of support and heart and set up a charity called RAW to make that happen.

This book charts their journey, and those of the women who chose to join them, and serves as a powerful reminder of the strength and resilience of the human spirit, and the ability to defy the odds when hope walks into the room.

"This is a book like few others I have read in the past decade or more. Superbly illustrated, and told with no apologies for all the horrible realities it reveals, it is one hell of a read." Kingsley Field

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